Cerner Corporation
North Kansas City, MO
Work Location: Bengaluru, KA
UI / UX Engineer
OCT 2016 - JUN 2019
(2.5 years)
Team's Vision

Help health care providers to chart the vitals / details of the patients in any device (Mobile, iPad, tablets, desktop) and establish a omnichannel experience across millenium solutions.

Product Context

Cerner Millennium is a cloud-based automated library solution suitable for small to midsize medical practices.
Cerner's PowerChart is part of Millennium, a hybrid EHR solution that helps clinicians in hospitals and ambulatory facilities to chart patient details on every encounter.

Projects I worked on
Quick Chart

A single page charting application built with responsive UI elements from Terra UI framework to chart patient's clinical data.

Multi-Patient Charting

Created APIs' to batch store common data of patients enrolled in a group session.

Notes / Textual-Rendition

Printable clinical report that houses present and past clinical data of the patient with versions. (Similar to Versions in Google Docs)

Tools Used
Reflections & Learning

Working with teams from different locations (India, US, UK counterparts) was one of my best learning journey for diverse collaborations. I worked closely with team members of different roles such as Solution Designers, Core UX team, Product Managers in every iteration, through which I learned how vast and deep we could think of the same solution or artifact. In sum, my technical knowledge and thought process reached a professional level while working on these Projects.

"Many brains into one goal is not chaos, it is just more care and refinement for a manifolded problem space."
Achievements & Honors
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