Wearable Alerts

In an HCC Colloquia Series at my University, "Maria Wolters", a reader in design informatics pitches on “Missing Data”.

My brain, scaling down to 1000th level, thought what happens to the data which is missed when my smartwatch is charging?

What if I forget to wear it back. User will always forget, but how does the technologies help in mitigating the adverse effects and improve the user experience?

Shouldn’t your smart device track you to take care of your actual tracking device?
I envisioned a notification in the paired device to remind about the charge status of the wearable.

Audio Labels & Whatscribe

I envisioned two new features for WhatsApp Inc.

1. Audio Labels >> To look back into audio messages quickly, instead of listening to all audio files while searching for clips of your interest.

2. Whatscribe >> Converts audio message into text. Can be used when the environment is noisy or while private space is needed to listen to the audio.

Read more about user feedback on LinkedIn Post

PS: Own interest exploration

Logo Designs

Goal of this freelancing work was to provide brand identity to a fashion small business, 6Yards. Mission statement and name of the boutique was already decided by client.

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