Intellect Design Arena Ltd.,
Chennai, TN
UI/UX Consultant
Full-time: JUN 2015 to SEP 2016
Intern: JAN 2015 to JUN 2015
(1.5 years)
Team's Vision

To digitize the banking process for a client in Middle East and provide a omnichannel experience.

Tools Used
  • Built and launched the retail loan origination project alongside Business Analysts, Project Managers & Clients.
  • Leveraged canvas components (an internal design system) to design and build widgets for providing omnichannel experience across different devices.
  • Added global support for internationalization and daily transaction visualization.
  • Travelled onsite (Egypt, Cairo) to present and provide KT sessions.
Reflections & Learning

I joined Intellect Design Arena as an Intern and worked in a team of three to explore the new initiative of the design center. I, along with another intern and a project lead, discussed technical feasibility and presented an MVP before our internship completed. As a token of appreciation, we were given full-time employment opportunity to contribute to core banking projects. This was my first project with real clients. I had an opportunity to travel to Egypt and interact with clients for launching the product. The intriguing initial phase discussions in the project gave me insights on how projects are built from scratch in a real-world setting. I am grateful to my managers and co-workers for being supportive throughout the journey.

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