Open to work and relocation
Graduating in May 2021

Hello, I'm Geetha Priya

Rhymes with Cheetah  Free-Yeah

I'm a passionate design advocate, technology enabler, user - centric maniac and a problem solver. I designed & built diverse products for 4+ yrs to empower people in the digital world.

How I got into design ...

I participated in design sprints over the weekends to enhance everyday interactions of people. The appreciative UX community & sense of satisfaction I experienced while making impactful decisions, became an enabler for my design journey.

What interests me in design ...

I am a curious problem solver. I held different hats to learn about people, technology & business. The conversations and thought process we put together as a team for user's welfare, gravitates me to be a people designer forever.

Academic Involvement

At IUPUI, I work as UX Designer & Research Assistant with Dr. Andrew Miller, Dr. Lynn Dombrowski & Dr. Saptarshi Purkayastha on research projects.

I am also one of the Student Ambassadors and a Student Volunteer for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (DEI) work force group

Previously led interior decorations for cultural festivals in Student Organizations.

Outside Work: 3 A's that excites me

Sweat, Sweet, Sassy!
Active Lifestyle – Workout, Hiking
Avocado – Any form
Arts – All-around

The Funny me ...

  • Doodling everywhere, from whiteboard (my sacred place) to paper napkins when restaurant order gets delayed.
  • Belaboring about patterns & colors in macro photographs.
  • Often, I dream about being in underground world with friends, solving problems to save world.

Fun time stories ...

  • Recharging with adventure adrenaline rushers (Left with
    Sky - Diving) - Planning sooner!
  • Baking experiments with lavish garnishing.
  • Staying idle for couple of hours, laugh at memes and think about strategizing Monday plans.


Thank you for scrolling! 🤝

If you want to know more on what I do currently or work on a project together, feel free to drop a line. I will be happy to connect with you!

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