Hi there, I'm Priya (Rhymes with Free-yeah)

Past 6 years, I held different hats to learn about people, technology, and business. The conversations we put together as a team, made me realize that I deeply admire the sense of satisfaction while making impactful design decisions to empower people in the digital world.

I often think about everyday interactions in products that are used worldwide. Enjoy reading some of my recent out of the box explorations.


  • Founded and hosted bi-weekly Jaguar Chats, a way for school students to collaborate with design professionals. Successful since 2021 (2+ years). Grad Jaguars were in university NEWS
  • Led design and photography sessions for community services agency Young Professionals at Mountain View, CA
  • Mentoring 8 new designers in design communities
  • Tutored 13 underprivileged students for English course via an Educational trust
  • Helped incoming new grads to feel inclusive and welcomed in the new environment - Student Ambassador at Indiana University

Honors & Recognitions

Funny side

  • Doodling everywhere, from whiteboard (my sacred place) to kitchen towels while waiting for food to get cooked. Yes, that hungry moment!
  • Often, dream being in underground world with friends, solving problems to save the world. But in my recent dreams, I went to space with a crew of 6 to explore a blue planet and returned safe, haha
  • Scrolling through memes and kicking off creativity from there for special Mondays

When I'm not designing, I circle in this world to seek inspirations

Wanna see the projects I worked on?
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