Hello, I'm Priya

Rhymes with Free-Yeah

I'm a passionate design advocate, technology enabler, problem solver, and a user-centered maniac. Past 6 years, I designed & built diverse products to empower people in the digital world.

How I got into design

I participated in design sprints over the weekends to enhance everyday interactions of people. The appreciative UX community & sense of satisfaction I experienced while making impactful decisions, became an enabler for my design journey.

What interests me in design

I am a curious problem solver. I held different hats to learn about people, technology & business. The conversations and thought process we put together as a team for user's welfare, gravitates me to be a people designer forever.

Academics ++

At IUPUI, I explored elegant interactions for sponsored research projects with Dr. Andrew Miller & Dr. Saptarshi Purkayastha as a part-time Design Research assistant. Additionally, I worked as a teaching assistant for 'UX Ethics' class with Dr. Lynn Dombrowski.

I was also one of the Student Ambassadors representing HCI and Student Volunteer for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (DEI) workforce group. My responsibilities were to help incoming new grads find ways to feel inclusive and welcomed in the new environment.

Successfully led 'Design Sessions' for the HCC department by facilitating bi-monthly design talks with expert panels – supported by department chair of HCI, Dr. Davide Bolchini.

Outside Work: 3 A's that excites me

Sweat, Sweet, Sassy!
Active Lifestyle
Arts Around

Funny Side

  • Doodling everywhere, from whiteboard (my sacred place) to paper napkins when restaurant order gets delayed
  • Belaboring the patterns & colors in macro-photographs
  • Often, I dream being in underground world with friends, solving problems to save world

Time off

  • Focusing on tiny treasures -- Macrophotography
  • Recharging with adrenaline rushers & learning something new
  • Laughing at memes and kicking off the creativity from there

Endorsements I received

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If you want to work on a project, feel free to drop a line. I will be happy to innovate together.

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