Design Sprint Prompt

Create a comprehensive IoT-based product/service offer for 'Hansong Technologies' that will allow them to successfully enter the CSA market and benefit both the Producer and Subscriber by:
1. Increasing farm yield
2. Improving operating efficiency - from “farm-to-fork”
3. Supporting sustainability initiatives
4. Providing healthier food to the Community
Each team should envision themselves as a business consulting firm’s design advocates, hired by Hansong.

Hansong Technologies
48 Hours in 3 Weeks
Team Members
Darshan, Hemil

My Role

Each team member's role shifted throughout the project phase. Below are the roles I played in each phase of this project


Environmental Trends

  • Market Forces
    Similar market segments: Multi-CSA farms
    Switching costs: Due to seasonal changes
    Market Issues: COVID-19 outbreak, increase in retail delivery charges
    Fitness freaks are enthusiastic about protein rich farm fresh foods
  • Technology Usage
    Egg washers
    Egg Nutrient graders and selectors
  • Macro-Economic Forces
    Lack of public service for machinery support to lead quality egg farm for affordable expense (Economic Infrastructure)

Insights from User Research

  • Extensive labor due to manual works in maintaining chicken farm (Cleaning, Collecting, Washing, Feeding, Temperature balance)
  • Ag-tech solutions are expensive
  • Egg produce is wasted due to seasonal changes
  • Subscriptions showed inclination during COVID times ie., community leans towards farm-diet plans
  • Less ROI (Return on Investment) due to fluctuations in labor

Customer Quotes

Business Model & Big Picture SWOT

Who are we designing for?

Emotions in Customer's Journey

Identified Opportunities for Hansong Technologies

  • Automation for reducing labor costs
    Monitoring chicken health; Maintaining ideal temperature; Watching out for harmful gases
  • Establishing new consumer segment for Egg CSA expansion
    High protein farm-fresh produce consumers in Gym

Our Solution

Smart Coop

With Hansong's manufacturing strengths in Mechanical, Electrical Engineering. We proposed a solution assembled from their current business.

Egg Farmer's Remote Monitoring Features

Dashboard for live Updates
Remote inspection activator

Farm-diet planners app

Consumers Subscription
Smart Watch Delivery updates

Farm Fit Business Unit Pricing Structure

Value for CSA Farmers (Customers)

Value for Fitness Freaks (Consumers)

Value for Hansong's Business


Hansong's design sprint taught me how to bridge the customer's needs to create value propositions for Hansong's business. This project allowed us to explore neglected community farms and help them identify subscribers who need Egg protein, while also addressing the customer's concerns to ease their egg farms' operations. Among the group of participants who explored other CSA produces, client rated our Service + Product opportunity as a unique solution. Research on retail & logistics business partners to bring the business model live was appreciated. For more details on process and down selection, feel free to grab a chat. Thanks for making it until the end. Here is a toast for you.

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