Over the summer, I worked with NeoInnovate Collaborative Consortium to design an mHealth app that helps to track the vitals of pre-term babies in low resource settings.

Interaction Design, Product Design, Visual Design,
Expert Testing (Cognitive Walkthrough), User Testing
Jun 2020 - Oct 2020
Sponsors & Partner of NeoInnovate Collaborative Consortium

The Problem

Every year 15 million pre-term babies are born. 1 million of them die due to pre-term birth complication and many survivors face lifetime disabilities - World Health Organization (WHO)
Common complications include

How is 'Hypothermia' currently handled?

Radiant Warmers
Kangaroo Mother Care

Identified Pain points

Dr. Sherri Bucher researched with a facility in Kenya to understand the difficulties faced by care providers in saving pre-term babies. Her research uncovered shocking results on extreme shortage of expensive medical resources. Below are some of the pictures proving the need for affordable medical devices.

  • Procedural Kangaroo Mother Care needs extra resources (Intense Labor)
  • Advanced medical devices are expensive
  • Not enough devices

Introducing Patented BMC device

NeoInnovate team have developed the patented self-warming BioMedical Device (BMC) that utilizes wireless sensors to track Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) babies and continuously monitor infant's vital signs. The device has 3 modes.

Need for an Handy App

From evaluation of using the 'Neowarm', caregivers felt comfortable and appreciated the elegant nature of this device. However, they needed an easy tool that could keep them informed throughout the intensive care period.

NeoRoo: An integrated mHealth platform to improve care for premature babies in Kenya

How does this solution combat resource inefficiencies?

Defining Interaction Flow

Meeting Dr. Sherri (Researcher) and reading through her thesis, I brainstormed possible interactions in the mHealth App with primary focus on tracking

Low Fidelity Screens


Style Guide

Iteration 1

Screens with different features are displayed here. I presented this design to internal team members.

  1. Do not use gradient as it makes hard to see the lines
  2. Bottom nav bar looks heavy with color filled icons
  3. Could improve on iconography and consistency
  4. Having search bar to search babies in care provider workflow could be useful
  5. Should have potential to load primary details ECEB (Essential Care for Every baby, a clinical decision support tool for helping babies breathe in first 24 hours
  6. More option is too small

Iteration 2

Polished the prototype based on the feedback and presented it to industry experts, Interaction Designers and Design Researchers


Next Steps


Working towards a cause that could provide voice to voiceless babies feels great. This project specifically expanded my visuals skills and I am thankful to all my teammates & industry experts who provided valuable feedback to iterate, brainstorm and finalize the product design to help the needy.

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